To many time we are prisoners of our circumstances.  We make excuses for where we are, what we failed to do.  Past hopes and dreams seem to plaque our minds.  I could of done this, I could have done that.  We spend valuable time reflecting on our shortcomings.  It paralyzes us and we find our self stuck.  We become movement. The bible tells us in John of a man, an invalid that waited almost his whole life by the pool of Bethesda.  He made ever excuse for not getting into the waters that would heal him.  Jesus, I believe was frankly fed up with him.  Sternly he told the man....and I mean there was no sugar to coat that conversation.  "Pick up you mat and walk!" You see Jesus knew he had the potential, Jesus knew all along he could do it.  Jesus healed the man despite the man's excuses. Jesus paid the price for you 2000 years ago.  You see the man felt the stirring of the water on the inside.  He was no longer a prisoner of his circumstances.  Today you need to get up off your mat!  You need to begin changing your thought patterns.  You need to begin to utter the praises to the most high God.  You are healed, your are free, you need to get up on the inside...stop being a prisoner of your circumstances and become a prisoner of HOPE!  

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