Do your children "especially" teenagers drive you Nuts.  You just can't figure out why they act the way they do?  The possibility of them being swapped at birth does not seem so farfetched. You’re trying your best to bring them up right but you can't figure out where "they" learned that from?  Where did they pick that up from.  I have a revelation for you.  Where they learned it…is most baby! You are their biggest influence. As we raise our children, I want you to ask yourself what personal characteristics you would be excited to see being instilled in your future grand-children. OKAY here we go….if there are things we think/believe/do that we would be alarmed by our kids’ repeating, we need to look at these things and reconsider are actions. Because It cracks me up how parents want to yell and correct their kids and yet the example their setting is crazy…horrible…  How is it okay for us as adults to live a certain way.  But then we long for our children to come out like so differently. Sometimes we just get lazy we won’t work hard to model Christ in our homes…no we just wait around thinking that fate has something to say rather than intentionally following Christ and modeling Him in our homes. Leaving a legacy starts with looking back and then setting a clear plan for going forward. It's not to late.  Look at your own life, your own habits, your patterns.  What are you willing to change about your own life.  You will be the winner!  Your children will see the changes then you can help implement those changes in your children’s lives.  If they are small enough they we just pick up the "good you" habits. You have the power to change your future, your home and your emotional environment.  You can do it!  And God has promised to be there to help you and see you through. © 2011 by Rosalinda Torres Rivera. All rights reserved.  

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