victor movie posterWhen I was growing up, our home was full of young people my parents had taken in from the streets to rescue them from addiction, gangs and despair and show them a new way of life, a life in Christ, a life of faith and freedom.  I remember all of us gathered around as my dad told the most amazing stories. My favorite was HIS story… the one about a young man, hooked on drugs and gang life on the streets of Brooklyn, NY. His words created pictures in my mind of his young world: guns and gangs, drugs and danger and a faith that rose up to face evil head-on.

It was a little scary to hear about my dad’s addiction to heroin and the wild life he led as a teenager; but my fear turned to faith in the hearing about how a compassionate God answered my grandmother’s relentless prayers for her lost son…. that’s when suffering turned to surrender; rebellion became redemption, restoration & renewal; and love emerged victorious.   

All these years, these powerful accounts of the life of Victor Torres were limited to playing out in my mind’s imagination…. UNTIL NOW.

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Join us for the premiere of the major motion picture, Victor, at the Byrd Theatre, 2908 W Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23221 on Tuesday, December 8, 2015, at 7pm. Tickets for this RED CARPET EVENT can be purchased online at

This is my family’s story…this is EVERY family’s story.


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