Okay. I'm going to admit up front that the subtitle of this week's entry is a little misleading. What to Do While You're Waiting for God to Move. It sort of implies that He's stretched out on His double pillow-top mattress repeatedly hitting the snooze button while we're down here waiting for Him to brush His teeth and get to work on our prayer submission. So, let's start by saying that God is not rolling over and going back to sleep. Sometimes it feels that way, though, when the wait is longer than we'd prefer.

Next week is Thanksgiving and many of us will have plenty of family coming in. Now, go with me on this...Your relatives haven't gotten here yet, but are you in a panic over it? Are you thinking that they may not be coming just because they haven't pulled the mini-van into the driveway? No, of course not. It's not time. You aren't texting all of your friends about it. You aren't posting your worries on Facebook... My family hasn't gotten here yet. Maybe I misunderstood them. Maybe they aren't really coming. No. It's too early for them to be ringing the doorbell yet. Why would you freak out that they aren't here before they're even supposed to be? Well, you wouldn't.

You know they'll be spilling gravy on your tablecloth before you know it. Right now, though, you might be making a shopping list, picking up the items you need from the store, making sure the guest towels are clean, and trying to figure out how to make your Cranberry Sauce look like you made it and not Ocean Spray (maybe that's just me.) Next week, you'll do the meal prep until you finally pop the bird in the oven. You will set the table, clear out the coat closet and park your car in the garage so there's room for your guests in the driveway. You aren't sitting around worrying about whether or not your family will be at the table next Thursday. They'll show up when they're supposed to. This is the time to get things in order. You don't panic. You prepare.

See where I'm going here? Why do we doubt God or question our ability to hear Him just because we haven't seen Him show up with the solution yet? It is not time. The answer is on the way. Be patient and trust His timing. Wait. The word "wait" isn't a mindless waste of time. Wait means "to hope; to expect." So what do you do when you fully expect something to happen? You get things ready for what it is you're expecting.

While you are waiting, you have to prepare for what you prayed for. Ready yourself to receive your blessing. Live in anticipation and preparation so that you aren't caught off guard when your dream manifests.

You know your guests are coming for Thanksgiving. But if you don't get your house ready, when they show up, you won't be able to receive them. You'll have no place for them. That is NOT what you want to happen when God delivers what you've been praying for. Ask, believe, and get ready to receive.

Is there a situation you've asked God to move in? Don't let your faith be shaken by the wait. God is working on your behalf and giving you time to get ready. Don't let your wait time be wasted time. DON'T PANIC. PREPARE.

"The Lord does not delay and is not tardy or slow about what He promises,
according to some people’s conception of slowness."
2 Peter 3:9a (AMPC)

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