"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."
Psalm 139:14

You’re an ally to others, but are you caring for yourself? In Part One, we took the friend traits of trustworthiness, protection, forgiveness, and patience and applied them to how we treat ourselves. Here’s more --

Respects Boundaries. As a good friend, we will stand up for others to protect their boundaries. We care about their feelings and won’t allow them to be mistreated. Do you stand up for yourself? Are you afraid of seeming demanding or selfish? Setting boundaries simply tells people that you are valuable in God’s sight. It sets the standard of respect. You esteem others and expect them to do the same. Are you being taken advantage of? Disrespected? Overlooked? Have you made your desires known? It’s okay to know what you need. It’s acceptable to respectfully make those needs known.

Accepting. A good friend loves us exactly how we are. Acceptance sparks confidence. Do you see the good in you? Do you receive how God designed you? Acceptance is not Complacency. Acceptance means that you will not reject what God never intended for you to control.

Challenging.Refusing to make necessary changes in areas that are within our control – that’s complacency. Good friends challenge others to be their best selves. Are you honest enough to call yourself out on what’s holding you back? It takes courage to be straightforward with others. It takes courage to be direct with ourselves, too. But that’s what good friends do.

Dependable.A good friend keeps her promises. Can you depend on yourself to follow through on plans you’ve made for yourself? Promised to take a little “me” time? Better keep that commitment. If you don’t, you will begin to resent all other areas of responsibility. Keep your promises to yourself, and you will happily respond to the needs of others.

Treat yourself with the kind of respect He expects us to offer those He loves. 

God loves you.
Be good to yourself.

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