Do not despise these small beginnings,
for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…
Zechariah 4:10

Have you had that moment when you realized that you were made for something greater? Something bigger than you? Was it followed by a discouraging look at your past, your family history, your own mistakes? I want to clear something up for you…

Heroes are not created by the mess or the miracles of their reality. Heroes are formed by the might of their response, the merit of their reaction to it. Every superhero has an origin story… some tragic event or catastrophic decision that molded their character and solidified their calling.

Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed. What began as a quest for justice for them, led him to become Batman.

Green Arrow, in one version of the story, came to be when Oliver Queen was shipwrecked, lost his dad and his love. He was stranded and learned to survive with a bow and arrow. His skills were born from basic survival.

Supergirl only became Supergirl because she lost absolutely everything forcing her to another planet. The comfortable life she was used to provided no special powers. It wasn’t until she lost everything and was forced to uncomfortable, foreign surroundings that she found the source of her power.

There is a turning point, a cross-roads moment that set each of us on our true mission. Do not discount your past. God knows exactly how to mold you through those moments. It’s time to redefine your experiences and realize that the very things you have believed will take you out of the running are the events that will send you off and running.

Your history does not…DOES NOT… destroy your destiny. God will use even the worst of situations and turn them around to turn your tragedy to triumph and set you on your path.

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