“The words of a whisperer are like delicious morsels;
they go down into the inner parts of the body.”
Proverbs 18:8

Delicious morsels. Filet Mignon drenched in Béarnaise Sauce, lobster with melted butter, fried – well, fried anything, really. Did I make you hungry? You can almost taste the deliciousness even before your mouth gets the first nibble. Satisfaction. The same goes when a juicy bit of gossip is on the menu.

Gossip is one of the hardest things to take a stand against. You know you shouldn’t even be listening, but what do you do? Your friends don’t want you telling them to put down those yummy morsels of scandal. Robbing them of that delight would be like taking an ice cream cone from a three-year-old.

But what if the Neapolitan Swirl were laced with poison? We’d have no problem slapping that treat out of someone’s grasp, would we? It’s time to get real. Gossip is poisonous. Not only is it spiritually fatal to the speaker, but it’s toxic to the hearer.

Proverbs 18:8 tells us that those careless words permeate to our very core. Gossip damages our character and drains us of the love that is our power source. Gossip affects us like Kryptonite does Supergirl.

It weakens and kills our character. Its effects are in direct opposition to our mission. It makes us unusable – powerless. This issue is that serious.

Commit to yourself right now to stay away from this dangerous habit. Make a pact with your friends to hold each other accountable and raise one another to a higher standard. When the chatter turns into leaking someone else’s story for them, brave up and speak up. No matter how we justify, those delicious morsels are not concern for the person we’re talking about. It’s gossip. Plain and simple. And, you, my superhero friend, are better than that.

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