Who would’ve ever thought people would watch The Weather Channel for entertainment. I can lose time, completely glued to footage of extreme conditions, amazed at how quickly a storm can stir up. I’ll never forget driving south down the 95 corridor to Florida when a tornado touched ground in a nearby field. You know, when the atmosphere changes in developing weather extremes, you can feel it. You can sense it on your skin -- in your gut. The wind picks up and the thunder rumbles the ground beneath you. Have you ever felt that on a spiritual level? I have – just recently.

On the second day of my Bella Women's Ministry's Wonder Women Conference, I stood on the front row with my eyes closed and my hands lifted in worship. There were nearly 600 women around me doing the same – falling on their knees and opening up their hearts. I felt that unmistakable vibration course through me – a Holy Spirit thunder was shaking us, the wind had shifted – life-change was happening. The holy ground where we stood was quaking the chains off of every woman in the room – Warriors, women warriors were winning battles through their worship of the one and only true God.

Testimonies of healing, salvation, and freedom flooded our inboxes in the days that followed. Lives were transformed, families impacted – prayers for the seemingly impossible were answered in that weekend in the presence of God and through His fully-alive Word. He did what only He can do. And I had the privilege of being a part of it. I am grateful.

God has positioned you to be a part of His work, too. Your very existence proves that you are necessary. So, lift your hands. Sing His praises. Climb up next to your Heavenly Father and experience Him. Let the thunder shake off whatever is holding you back. Feel the winds shift – lean into them as you become stronger for the mission – your mission. You are a spiritual storm-chaser. The atmosphere is changing – and, in His presence, so are you – preparing to impact your world.

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