“The same way a loving father feels toward his children -- that’s but a sample of your tender feelings toward us, your beloved children, who live in awe of you.” Psalm 103:13, TPT

As our church worship team sang Good, Good Father Sunday, I could see the healing truth of those words wash over people. For so many, Father’s Day doesn’t bring joy like it does for me. Maybe your own Dad was absent or abusive, or something a little less extreme, but just as crippling.

Your father may have been a flawed soul with the best of intentions, who said and did things that wrecked you – leaving you unsure of your value. Perhaps your dad was a good guy who left this earth too soon. I know people who can’t even tolerate the word, Father. What that relationship signifies to them is something lacking, unmentionable, empty – even traumatic.

Has a twisted definition of father carried over into your adult life? Do you struggle to see your Creator as Father? It’s natural. Parents are a child’s first glimpse of love, so when we learn that God is love (I John 4:8), Mom and Dad’s example is all we have to go on in understanding what that means.

A radical redefining of father might be necessary to accept the pure love your Heavenly Father has for you, and be healed from childhood hurts. God wants to show us what a father truly is. You, beautiful girl, deserve to be loved unconditionally, without condemnation or corruption. And you are.

Your Father in Heaven is faithful. He never leaves, isn’t too busy, or angry about what you did. He's relentlessly crazy about you. If you got a different message from a different dad, then it might be hard accepting how loved you are. Did you get the impression that you don’t deserve the basic necessities of life, like a parent’s gentleness and compassion?

If you feel unwanted, like you don’t measure up, stop for a minute -- consider the price your Father paid to make sure He got to spend eternity with you. No one pays that steep a cost to purchase something that is worthless.

Father God made that sacrifice because He cannot stand the thought of being separated from you. Not for a minute.

Your Father wants to lift you to His shoulders and show you a higher love. He carries your picture in His wallet, and brags about you to the angels. That is who your Father is, and that, my child, is how precious you are to Him.

God the Father...

- Is Your Life-SourceJohn 10:10
 - Accepts You As His OwnI John 3:1
 - Is Your ProviderMatthew 7:11
 - Teaches and Trains YouTimothy 3:16-17
 - Will Never Give Up On YouLuke 15:11-32

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