From the mountains of Columbia to the jungles of Africa, I’ve had the privilege to follow in my father’s footsteps. Leaders create leaders and I have gone into the family business. Since childhood I have listened to his messages, and been inspired by our one-on-one conversations. Hearing how God rescued him from addiction, restored him, and seeing how God uses this great man to lead others to salvation never gets old. My deepest desire is to honor my father with my love, support, respect, and loyalty, and I am grateful to minister alongside him for the Kingdom.

Recently, we traveled to Costa Rica and Columbia where I was called on to minister in Spanish. I speak the language but am not as confident as I’d like to be. My father listened to my fears, prayed and encouraged me toward my goals and dreams, as he has always done.

But I know that’s not everyone’s experience.

Father’s Day is difficult for many people – for some it’s a day of emptiness, others a traumatic remembrance. Maybe you never knew your father, or are haunted by the memory of him walking out the door and never coming back. You might be spending this Sunday remembering the life of your father knowing you’ll see him again in Heaven. Good or bad, our fathers have impacted our lives tremendously. But there is One Who never leaves, disappoints, or fails.

Whatever you’re feeling during this celebration, you can be grateful that you have a Heavenly Father who has great things in store for you and loves you ferociously. If you do not have an earthly dad to send a card to, I encourage you to write a Father’s Day letter to God. Thank Him for all He is to you. Celebrate Him.

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy, Victor Torres, and all fathers. God bless you.

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