Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” -Isaiah 30:21

I call my husband, Mr. Positive.

Carlos is one of the most determined, encouraging, people I know. He is a dreamer. But more than that—he is a doer. When most people see a reason to quit, he sees a learning opportunity. The man finds the silver lining. Obstacles excite him. I know—weird. But that’s not just an individual personality trait. You can live like that, too. That quality is the result of knowing Who directs your path.

Optimism is the byproduct of trusting God. But when you give way to doubt, you trigger those buried memory-mines, leaving your joy in ruins.

Sometimes it seems like the enemy has his finger on the detonator. He is ready to blow up your determination and focus with thoughts of past failures, never being good enough, image-damaging words from childhood. But you are not doomed to self-destruct. The enemy’s schemes will not demolish your dreams.

God has given you the power to defuse any weapon formed against you. He knows where the dangers are and will lead you through your MINDfield without a scratch. Trust Him, stay focused on the goal, and stear clear of negativity, judgement, and the lies buried beneath the surface.

The Holy Spirit has empowered you to move forward with boldness and confidence. Don’t let those threatening thoughts hold you back, girl. Guard your joy, protect your peace, and march on. It’s a new day with fresh possibilities.

When you focus on honoring God, His favor will be upon your life. Whatever your dream, put your trust in the hands of a God who is clearing a path for your success even now.

Ms. Positive, you’re going to make it, in Jesus name!

unsplash-logoIvana Cajina

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