My life flashed before my eyes. I was losing my strength quickly as the ocean waves violently tossed me around. I gasped, trying to yell for help while my body was being pressed against heavy, rusty chains and jagged rocks. I began to panic, I shouldn’t have gone out so far.

I had ignored the warning signs. I thought I had the strength to pull through the surf because I was a strong swimmer, but I couldn’t fight the current. As my body was about to give up, a lifeguard reached me, and pulled me out of the thrashing sea. I was finally free from that death trap.

Do you know that kind of terror? That kind of relief?

If you’ve ever been delivered from a dire situation, or circumstances that have had you stuck, you know the emotions that comes over you when you can finally breathe again.

Peace. Release. Security. Hope.

In life there are warning signs. We have friends, family, even the Holy Spirit who caution us, “Don’t do it! This is not a good decision.” But sometimes, we just don't listen and ultimately wish we had.

If you’re dealing with the consequences of shutting down the sounds of wisdom, I want you to know, it’s not too late. If you’re embarrassed or ashamed of ignoring the wise counsel of friends and spiritual leaders, learn from it and let it go.

When that lifeguard reached down to me, I would not have made it to shore if I hadn’t taken his hand. Jesus is your lifesaver. Will you allow Him to pull you out of your situation and place you on solid ground?

Peace and purpose await you, my friend! Reach up and be rescued.

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