Style Weekly- Top 40 Under 40

Style Weekly- Top 40 Under 40

press release Rosalinda Rivera, 38 Executive Director, New Life For Youth For Rosalinda Rivera, helping others is in the genes. As executive director of the nonprofit New Life For Youth, she’s taken over where founders Victor and Carmen Torres, her parents, left off. A...

Grace The Best Love Story Ever

Chrisitianity I love a good love story especially when there is an unexpected ending. Cinderella was a great love story….the tattered maid ended up with the prince.  The movie Black Stallion was of a love of a boy and his horse, a relentless faithfulness. The Movie Blindside was...

Life is just like a RACE

Chrisitianity   It’s Like a race, because there are many ups and downs.  There is a beginning and an end.  A judge will decide how you will place. Life has a finish line called death or the rapture.  One way or the other we will reach the end.  Life is also like a race because the...

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