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The Seductive Slayers of Success

“I am not a neat nut. Let me start with that confession. Don’t let the title of this chapter, Clean the Clutter, fool you into thinking I have all my ducks in a row. If I had ducks, they would not be in a straight line. Or all accounted for.”—Rosalinda Rivera
The snooze button on your alarm clock. The “brilliant shortcut” that makes you late. The unwritten to-do list that you follow from the time you get out of bed till the time you crawl back in it, making each day seem like the last.
These things are all The Seductive Slayers of Success—the little things that add up and try to stop you from moving forward and realizing your dreams. Rosalinda Rivera has been there and she knows just how to help you get up, move on, and Harness Your Strengths to Take Control of Your Destiny.
Using stories from her own life as well as Scripture, Rosalinda offers encouragement to help you kick the negative aspects of life to the curb and jump start your way to a brighter tomorrow. Like a close friend, she gives inspirational, down-to-earth advice with a dash of humor thrown in.

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Is your life where you want it to be?

We all have struggles and challenges in life. Whether they are of our own making or not, things don’t always work out. Sometimes, we just give up on our dreams and goals.
But it doesn’t have to be that way! God is a God of new beginnings, and throughout the entire Bible, we read about people who were stuck, disappointed, and faced impossible situations—people God freed.
Rosalinda Torres Rivera challenges us to Dare to Begin Again. Using stories from her own life, other people, and biblical times, Rosalinda offers inspirational, down-to-earth advice on beginning again. Each chapter tackles a different issue where you may be “stuck”—such as an inability to forgive, trust, or hope—and examples of people who overcame similar challenges. Practical tasks at the end of each chapter walk you through a DARE challenge (Decide, Allow, Rise, Enjoy) to help you move closer to a fresh start.
Rosalinda is the daughter of Victor Torres, an ex-gang member from Brooklyn, New York, and his wife, Carmen, founders of the New Life For Youth ministry. She has seen more than twenty thousand people get out of tough situations and turn their lives around.
“They’re people whose tales of transformation prove God is still at work,” she says. “He’s written and re-written their life’s chapters—and He’s willing to do the same for you.”
It takes a commitment, but with the help of God, inspiring, true stories, and practical applications, you can Dare to Begin Again. 




If you have ever needed a reset button in life, Dare to Begin Again is the book for you! It is an encouragement to pick up the pieces and start over again with God’s help. This book is a how to manual on rebuilding your life, your hopes, and your dreams. Rosalinda brings the stories of other overcomers to life through the lens of Scripture. It’s not over—as she says, "God’s still writing your story."

Dr. Ed Hindson

Host,The King Is Coming telecast; distinguished professor, Liberty University



Wonder Women: Becoming A Hero For Christ

Begin your journey on this 90 day devotional. Make no mistake about it, It takes the gifts that God has given you.! God Has a vision and mission with your name on it. Do not panic-prepare with this inspiring, compelling, and humorous 90-day superhero training manual by Rosalinda Rivera.