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We face a trial in life and give in again.  In fact giving up becomes our first resort.  Are you tired of being defeated before you even begin?  Do you want to believe again but you don’t where to begin? When we are burdened with life, too often we surrender.    Rosalinda inspires a “Can’t Fail Faith” attitude in others.  Through her own personal testimony and the promises from the Word of God she will equip you to:

•  Trust in Jesus for the impossible.
•  Recognize the power of declaring God’ promises.
•  Discover your Power Position in God’s plan.
•  Discern the strategy of the enemy to defeat your faith.
•  Experience victory over your circumstance
•  Cultivate a confidence mentality.


Easily understood, but too often overlooked and undervalued.  It’s His unmerited gift to us.  Whether you like it or not, whether we deserve it or not He is good.  Unfortunately our lives cycle the cul-de-sac of dissatisfaction.  Stop living short of goodness of God’s love.


Have you ever been to a fun house or a county fair?  Do you remember the mirror that distorted your looks?  Maybe you looked shorter, taller or you had two heads or four eyes.  It all seemed quite humorous for a moment but somehow we carried that reflection home.  We allow self-doubt and insecurity to paint the mural of our life.  Although we’ve been forgiven we struggle to erase the image of sin and brokenness.  Have you found yourself feeling undeserving, drowning in a sea of hurt or shame?  Rosalinda Rivera understands.  Why do we embrace the wrong picture of ourselves when we know forgiveness has been freely given? Rosalinda shows women how to turn the picture of hurt, guilt and shame into a beautiful reflection of God’s Love.  Pinpointing the most common traps that are concealed in our minds, Rosalinda shows women how to replace a picture of pain for a picture of grace.

In this conference, she will equip you to:

• Turn from nursing regrets of “my past” to embracing God’s promises for “my future.”
• Reverse your inaccurate view of your life
• Discover how to live peacefully through a painful journey and make it
• Accept God’s forgiveness and breakthrough the barrier of insecurity
• Develop a heart of thanksgiving, and a passion for purpose
• Push through your past and march toward your destiny
• Embark on a voyage of forgiveness and discover your “God” reflection
• Adjust your perception of imperfections and focus on your God blueprint



Is your life where you want it to be?

We all have struggles and challenges in life. Whether they are of our own making or not, things don’t always work out. Sometimes, we just give up on our dreams and goals.
But it doesn’t have to be that way! God is a God of new beginnings, and throughout the entire Bible, we read about people who were stuck, disappointed, and faced impossible situations—people God freed.
Rosalinda Torres Rivera challenges us to Dare to Begin Again.  Rosalinda offers inspirational, down-to-earth advice on beginning again. 

Practical steps from her book walk you through a DARE challenge (Decide, Allow, Rise, Enjoy) to help you move closer to a fresh start.




Pinned  down by an unbearable weight, your mind replays the incident of disappointment.  Unfortunately it consumes more than you counted on.  Have you been hurt?  Let down?  Disappointed? Everything inside you wants to move forward…you desire to forgive, but you can’t. Life delivered you an emotional blow that has shattered your ability to live.  The good news is you can forgive.  You can live again. A joy filled life is not out of reach and you can be fully restored to experience the Joy found in Jesus. Learn to move beyond your yesterday and live in the blessings of today.

In this conference, learn to:

•  Let go to live.
•  Experience God’s plan for forgiveness.
•  Release the offender of your  faith and emotions.
•  Embrace God’s purpose for your life.
•  Breakthrough the barrier of past disappointment
•  Discover your inner champion. 




Becoming a hero for Christ.


Make no mistake about it, It takes the gifts that God has given you.! God Has a vision and mission with your name on it. Do not panic...prepare with this inspiring, compelling, and humorous  superhero training session.

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Rosalinda loves developing messages that meet the specific needs of her audience. She will gladly work with you to develop a dynamic program specifically for your event. Contact Rosalinda to discuss your event needs.